Top 10 Tips To Live Your Best Life

If you’re not already living your best life its time to do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. I challenge you to put your whole self in!

Here are 10 tips to get you headed in your highest and best direction:

1. Be Real: To the extent you struggle is to the extent you’re living underneath the layers upon layers of unrealistic expectations and conditioning. Pull yourself out by remembering whom you admired as a child (real or fictional). What did this person or character represent to you? You share the very same attributes and values? How do I know? You always love a mirror reflection of yourself. Show up each and every day expressing the essence of the person you admired more, the person you were born to become.

2. Be Truthful – Now that you’ve reconnected with the magnificent person you really are, show up each and every day as that presence instead of that which you once thought you ‘should be’. Say no to whatever needs saying no to. Say yes to what your heart longs to say yes to. Think, speak and act in alignment with your truth – no matter what anyone else has to say or think about it.

3. Be in Charge – Tell Your Inner Critic: “Hear ya, not gonna be ya”. Its time to reclaim the power you’ve given to your woefully misguided Inner Critic. Instead of accepting its worries, woes and fears as truth, vigorously challenge your inner status quo. Reach for new perspectives – ones that support you rather than tear you down.

4. Be Aware – Walk your path “In Search of Truth (and some pointy boots)” – You don’t have to ‘walk like a camel’ to discern what’s real from what’s blindly assumed or made up babblecrap. The more you search for truth understanding in what challenges you the more you shine light on the dark areas where you once stumble around.

5. Be Responsible – Live your life as the powerful creator of all you experience. Events in and of themselves are merely events. How you experience the moments of your life is entirely your responsibility. You get to choose how you respond. Will you crawl under the bed or will you rise above? Trust your self even if you’re not sure. Your outcomes are entirely yours to create.

6. Be Energized – Pay attention to what sucks the life energy right out of you. Start with your tolerations – the things and circumstances you have in your life that you wish you didn’t have. Turn what drags you down into what feeds your soul by focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t do. Let go of what no longer serves you.

7. Be Loving – To yourself and others. Take good care of yourself first so you have the resources to help others. If you’re gasping for air, you’re of no use to anyone else. Anything rooted in negativity will have a lousy outcome. Allow love to be your generative force in all your choices and actions. You’ll like the end result. I promise you.

8. Be Compassionate – Everyone is doing the best they can with the light they have to see. Including you. Some people may be missing a few batteries in their flashlight. Still they’re navigating the twists and turns of life to the best of their ability such as it is. While you may not condone the act, have compassion for the person wherever he or she is on their personal path. Including you.

9. Be Masterful – you were not born to be a victim of your circumstance. You are here to create and master your opportunities. Even if you’ve fallen flat on your face you might as well find and claim the gift in the lesson learned. Apply that lesson going forward. Step more fully into your spotlight.

10. Be the change you seek – Ok, I admit it. I stole this one from Gandhi. Be the shining example of what you’d like to see improved in your life. As you change you inspire change in those who are blessed by your presence. Touch someone’s heart with your smile.

Perhaps you’ve realized by now the key to living an extraordinary life is more about BEING than DOING. Pay attention to how you show up in the world each and every day. Be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.


by: Valery Satterwhite
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