Learning All About Oily Skin Treatments

Excess skin oil is something that a lot of people think is a problem. This is more than likely the reason so many different products exist on the market to treat this.

The skin which is the largest organ in the body produces the oil substance known as sebum as a protection method. You skin requires this oil and it is best to make sure that the products you use keep in balance only, not as a removal tool. Different things can be used for this purpose such as facemasks or different fruit extracts.

In order to prevent blemishes or other ugly breakouts, you need to learn basic skin care methods. However, although oily skin is generally looked upon as a problem, it has one major advantage, and that is it ages slower than any other skin types.

Oily skin can be dealt with, but it is best to know what causes oily skin before you take on any treatments for it. Oily skin is marked by enlarged pores and excessive shine. Skin such as this is prone to various break outs due to the amount of sebum on top of the skin. The reason is that oil attracts more dust and dirt to adhere to the skin.

Heredity is a factor in oily skin although it can also be caused by other issues such as abnormal hormone levels. usually oily skin is seen in younger people and eventually becomes drier as they age. Of course oily skin has been known to stick with a person even as they age.

The best thing you can do about oily skin is to keep it clean. Exfoliation is a good way to start towards clean skin, but a mild cleaner rather than a harsh soap will also do wonders. When washing, use warm water to minimize skin oil. Afterward a good anti bacterial lotion will help keep acne in check. By caring for your skin properly, you can make any oily skin treatment work better on your complexion.

There is really no magic formula against oily skin but a regular skin care and treatment can do much to keep your complexion fair and flawless. Massaging the water in upwards when washing works best. You do not want to remove the oil so simply use warm water instead of hot water.

White or pink clay masks are another of the best ways to remove excess oils. Brown clay masks are used for very oily skin. At least twice per week you should use a clarifying mask.

Some aromatherapy oils are said to be good against oily skin such as cedar wood, lemon and rosemary, and thus are very good as oily skin treatments. Lanolin can be combined with any of these for use on your skin too.


by: Tony Lam
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