Grounding – The Simplest And Most Powerful Grounding Exercise

In this article I will reveal a simple yet powerful grounding exercise. But why would you need a grounding exercise? Because it will help you get connected with your center. Your center is that thing you need in difficult times. Your center will be there to help you overcome any problem that arises. You must not lose your center. Instead, you must stay connected with it at all times. The grounding exercise I am revealing here will create a deep connection with your inner self and your center. Let’s begin..

If you don’t succeed in performing the exercise well then don’t be disappointed. These things take time. Keep trying and give time to yourself.

You will also need a notebook to take notes. This will help you perform the grounding exercise better and clearly understand the process.

Finally, you will need consistency. You must repeat the exercise for at least 10 minutes a day. If you meet these simple yet important requirements then you are ready to perform the exercise. Here it is..

Go to your private space and sit in a comfortable position (you can try the common cross-legged posture) and put some soft music on.

Now you will need all your visualization skills. First you must see yourself in the center of a flower. The flower is colorful, lovely and open. It’s petals lay around you. Now see the petals rise one by one. Imagine pure light coming from an outside source and filling the space, you, the petals, the whole flower. Now see yourself being one with the flower (you are the bud) and sinking into the blossom. The flower is now closed. Feel the peace around you. Think what you have just created and feel happy and one with your center. Try to feel your heart beating. Determine the beating pace. Stay there for a while, these moments are precious. This is the first and most important part of the exercise! Very simple but powerful..

One issue that will likely arise is the presence of random thoughts that will try to distract you. Don’t get discouraged and keep clearing your mind until you think nothing but your center or the images of the flower and you becoming one with it.

When you are ready see the blossom unfold slowly. All its petals are opening one by one until you find yourself in the center of the blossom again..

Before you finish, remember to take some notes of your thoughts and feelings that you believe are worth mentioning. At times it would be useful to look at your notebook to recall the feelings of the past and observe your progress.

The exercise presented will work even for amateurs but the more you perform it, the better the results and the level of understanding of what is going on around you.


by: Bella Romero
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