Are You Lacking Confidence And Self Assurance?

Barbara Elisjones explains how we can change our beliefs and be the person we wish to be.

Why do some people have confidence and self assurance whilst others lack these positive traits? Our ability to interact with others in the community comes down to our self belief.

Each of us has travelled a different journey in life – different parents, different teachers, different peers, and different life experiences with people. The interactions we have experienced with each of these people through life and the way that we responded to those interactions has created the person we are today. This includes all of our fears that we have generated, the way we participate in our relationships, the way we respond to others at work and the way we think about ourselves.

For example we can all remember things that were said to us by our parents and teachers when growing up – things like – “You will never amount to much” – “Why aren’t you smart like your brother” – “Why aren’t you well behaved like your sister” – all negatives that were implanted In our subconscious minds when we were very young. Our minds react to this negative information 24 hours a day and we go over and over these subconscious thoughts – until they become our beliefs. All these “put downs” then impact in a negative way on the way we see ourselves.

Advertisers make use of our subconscious minds knowing that we absorb any messages that cross our minds into our subconscious; and that is why advertisers repeat their messages continuously until these messages become our beliefs about the products and services they are promoting. Therefore we need to be aware that some of our beliefs are not based on fact. Instead they are based on messages provided by others.

What we need to know is that we can change these incorrect beliefs. We need to replace these incorrect beliefs with new beliefs. We use positive statements about ourselves to do this and repeat these statements over and over until they become reality. We also need to take a careful look at what we say to ourselves each and every day. How many times have we done something and then made the comment to ourselves – oh you idiot why would I do that? Although we did not mean that comment such comments need to be stopped. So we must keep correcting ourselves – and say positive things about ourselves and always say them in the present tense as though we already have the ability, skill or the characteristic we wish to have. Repeat to ourselves positive statements, for example – “I am a confident, happy, friendly person who enjoys interacting with people.”

The more we repeat these statements over and over again will enable us to replace any negative messages we have stored in our subconscious mind over a number of years and enable us to become the person we wish to be.

Next week I will discuss with you how to use this correcting exercise in combination with others to enable you to further the process and speed up the journey to be the person we wish to be.


by: Barbara Elisjones
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