3 Things That Will Instantly Reduce Your Stress

How would you like to be able to get rid of your stress instantly and easily ? There are a few things that you can do which will help you to be able to achieve a peaceful mental attitude that will really lower your stress levels and help you cope with the day as it comes to you. Of course, these are not going to be permanent solutions to the problems that you are facing but they will be able to help you to sort those problems out and to deal with them, one at a time.

The first thing that you can do to reduce your stress levels is to meditate regularly. I find that meditating in the morning for a half hour can really help me to get ready for the day and to deal with it successfully. If you don’t have the benefit of time in order to meditate in this way, you might also find that simply meditating for a few minutes periodically throughout the day will also help to reduce your stress as well. All you really need to do is to close your eyes and go to some place in your mind that is peaceful. That peace will stick with you and help you to cope with any stressful situations you are facing.

Something else that I like to do regularly is to laugh a little bit. This is not always something that is going to be convenient for us to do, especially if we are in the middle of work but if we can find a way to let out the stress through laughter, it can work to almost instantly reduce your stress levels. I like to keep comedy CDs in my car so that I can listen to them on the way home from work. This helps to reduce my stress and keeps me from taking the stress from my work into my home environment.

One final thing that you can do which helps to reduce stress instantly is to use acupressure. The two acupressure points that help to reduce your stress are located directly between the eyes, in a soft spot above the nose and an additional soft spot on the crown of the head. By applying light pressure to these two regions for 30 seconds, you will help to restore a flow of energy in the body that will reduce your stress instantly.


by: Elizabeth Peterson K.
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